Interview with Washington GM Mike Manuel by Dorian Gray

Hello folks! We are back with the USAFL GM Interview Series after popular demand. People like finding out more about the people who occupy the big chairs in the league, so we are resurrecting this series of interviews because YOU asked for it!

This month, we have another one of the true legends of the USAFL. You may know him as the two time Sundby Cup winning GM of the Washington Redskins. That's right, our interview subject this month is none other than Mike Manuel.

The following are excerpts from our interview.


How did you get interested in football?

I fell in love with the Washington Redskins way back in 1971 or 72 and have been a fan since.

How did you get into FBPro?

I played a lot of FBPro on my own. I played a ton of computer games and picked it up. Then my town finally got dialup service to the internet and I happened across the USAFL.

What was your greatest thrill(s) as a GM?

I think my first GMOY was my biggest thrill. It came I believe after my first Super bowl victory. That was a nice honor.

Why did you pick this team as your USAFL team?

Lifelong Redskins fan, who else would I take.

Who are some of your favorite players in the history of your team?

Hands down, Bing Bennett from the very beginning. He started on Andrew’s Philly team and I eventually got him near the end of his career via a trade with Andrew and he was a great player for me.

Who is your favorite NFL team?

Uhhh Humm I wonder……….

Do you have any other interests you'd like to tell us about?

I Play bass guitar and make Pickups for bass and 6 string guitars. I also am a bit of a Civil war buff.


We hope you have enjoyed the conversation with Mike. Stay tuned for other interviews as our interview series of USAFL GMs continues.