Interview with Kansas City GM Steve Harrison by Dorian Gray

Hello folks! We are back with another interview with one of the people who occupy one of the big GM chairs in the USAFL. This month we have another one of the long time and successful GMs in the USAFL. This guy has won 11 Sundby Cups during his time in the league, so he knows a thing or two! You may know him as the GM of the team where you can get some good steak and barbecue and listen to some good jazz. That's right, our subject this month is none other than Steve Harrison. The following are excerpts from our interview.

How did you get interested in football?

5th grade Elementary Pee Wee football. Shortest kid on the team with the biggest heart. 4 foot nothing, 50 pounds and I impressed the coach being the practice RB for the defense - stuff they make movies out of haha.

How did you get into FBPro?

This goes too far back. All I recall is finding out about the PPP leagues (Todd Ricotta was dominating at the time). He went undefeated for like 5 seasons or something in the College league (CFA) and then I found a chink in one of his PPP's that he had been abusing me with and barely squeaked out a win breaking his amazing win streak. He wasn't happy. Many hours spent tweaking PPP's almost caused a divorce, lol.

What was your greatest thrill(s) as a GM?

Playing against my brother Nolan in a Sundby Cup. Having a player set an amazing statistical record.

Why did you pick this team as your USAFL team?

Minnesota is my first love, but Lou is entrenched there and that's cool. Kansas City was always a second favorite team growing up, the old guys Len Dawson, Christian Okoye. Started losing interest in them when Montana rolled into town. But since my Vikings were owned, I just made the Chiefs my USAFL team.

Who are some of your favorite players in the history of your team?

QB Greg Tolliver, 2098-2111, 350 TD passes, most in his era, 7.59 Avg gain career, 2nd in his era.
DL Courtney Odomes, 2021-2034, 251 career sacks, 1st in his era, somewhere around 15th overall combined eras.

What keeps you so interested in the USAFL after all these years?

I have a competitive nature and I love statistics. Great group of guys that have continued through this unexpectedly long road. Didn't see it lasting this long at all. I believe all the kudos for the longevity go to G, just my opinion without intentionally trying to offend anyone else.

Who is your favorite NFL team? (It's not always the one you

Minnesota Vikings (grew up in Toledo, saw a lot of NFC North games on TV) - Fran Tarkenton, Chuck Foreman, The Purple People Eaters. And then the Buckeyes.

Do you have any other interests you'd like to tell us about?

I love fantasy football (shocker, right?) and I commish 4 leagues, plus I run two other Team Pick'em leagues. And my granddaughters, well specifically the oldest one, she is five years old. Lots of drama surrounding the younger one and we don't get to see her much. I just enjoy the time we get with the older one, being a grandpa is awesome.


We hope you have enjoyed the conversation with Steve. Stay tuned as the Interview Series of our USAFL GMs continues.