Strongest Dallas team in years expects to make playoffs

Dallas Morning News
By "Jerry Glanville Jr."

Off-Season 2213 (Dallas) - We have the strongest team in many seasons, said GM Dean Chambers, and we expect to appear in the playoffs this season. Veteran QB Willis Warren is expected to be on top of the passing stats this season, with support of young RB Vincent Gray and the best lineup of receivers in the league.

The offensive and defensive lines are improved and should help the team dominate the line battles on both sides of the ball. The LBs are made up of three solid veterans and three promising rookies, but they should still help the team dominate on defense. And the defensive backs, lead by Cris Hughes, are among the best in the league. The starting CBS are some of the best cover men in the league and they can hit like the strongest of LBs. We're excited to have the best defense we've had since we've been here said Chambers.

This team will lose no more than 1-2 games, he said, and has a good shot at winning our Sundby Cup.