Strong draft class indicates bright future for Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
By "Jerry Glanville Jr."

Off-Season 2215 (Atlanta, GA) - 'We have a strong young team that will soon begin to appear in the playoffs,' said Falcons General Manager Dean Chambers. After drafting the great young RB prospect Dennis Bell, last season's rookie of the year, the Falcons selected WR Andrew Flynn in the first round of the draft. Flynn is being compared to former Dallas great WR Justin Tanner.

Atlanta also drafted future starting QB Ray Richardson as well as DB Scott Pinkey and WR Mark Courtney. The draft picks will solidify Atlanta's defensive backfield as well its offense.

'We believe we will soon become a regular attendee to the post season party,' GM Chambers said.

Altanta fans are looking forward to the team moving to Atlanta next season.