Four Rookies to start for Atlanta in 2225

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
By "Jerry Glanville Jr."

Off-Season 2225 (Atlanta, GA) - The Atlanta Falcons were considered by far the worst team in the history of the league in 2224, going 0-14 and allowing more points against them than any team. In full rebuilding mode, the Falcons will start four rookies this coming season.

Ron Smith gets the starting QB job while fellow rookie Anthony Chambers starts at HB. The new offensive line will include rookies Len Summers at C and Owen Patterson at G.

We are completely rebuilding the team, said GM Dean Chambers, and we expect to start rookies for the next few seasons.

At 0-14 last season, scoring 40 points in the entire season, and allowing 710 points, they couldn't possibly get any worse. Maybe this season they can win a game or two, score 80 points, and only give up 350.