Waiver Wire Claims

All waived players and undrafted rookies are available to be signed* during the Waiver Wire Claim Day.

Claimed veteran players receive 1.000 contracts
Claimed rookies receive 0.5000 contracts

To access the Waiver Wire Claim area, login to the GM TeamManagement section of the website anytime after the Final Roster Cut deadline. The USAFL Server will alert you if you haven't yet accessed the Waiver Wire Claim area and saved your selections.

Players are displayed by position and are sorted by "sum of ratings" by default. You can move players up and down the list by using the menu buttons at the bottom.

If you don't wish to use the menu buttons, click the EXCEL Export button and use Microsoft Excel to sort the players by your own methods. Then copy/paste the PIDs into the Waiver Wire Claim form and click Save.

As always, be sure to click Save often. As a precaution, log back into the Waiver Wire Claim area and verify that your player sort was saved. The League will not compensate GMs that fail to use the Waivers area correctly.

IMPORTANT: If a team fails to log into the Waiver Wire Claim area, the league will sign the lowest ranked Kickers and/or Punters in order to get the roster to the required 53 players. If the team needs a certain position to fill a roster requirement, the league will sign the lowest ranked player at that position.

* All waived players are available except the players that were waived from your team.
NOTE: if you trade away a player and his new team waives him, he will be eligible to be claimed by you.