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Here are our three "CURRENT" era record books. To examine the records from our previous eras, please scroll down.

Super Bowl Records 
Featuring the Super Bowl's top 25 performances in each stat category

Career Record Book 
Featuring the league's top 25 all-time career leaders in each stat category

Season Record Book
Featuring the league's top 25 performances in a season in each stat category

As of the 2340 season the USAFL will consist of 12 franchises, down from the previous league size of 18. The schedule remains 14 games per season which allows for our All-Time Records to carry over.

PID Limitations On The USAFL:
When the USAFL discovered the PlayerID limit of 32,767 players in Sierra's Front Page Sports Football Pro series, we were forced to create a brand new league file in order to continue our league with the same players and teams. Unfortunately, this means we can't combine the stats from 2001-2061 with the 2062-2123 era, and etc.... Hopefully in the very near future, one of our programmers will code an application that will do the math for us and we can truly have one complete accounting of our history's stats.

Until then, we have to put up with clicking on these old record books and manually comparing them with today's stars:

2329-2339 Super Bowl Records 
 2329-2339 Career Records 
 2329-2339 Season Records 

2272-2328 Super Bowl Records 
 2272-2328 Career Records 
 2272-2328 Season Records 

2216-2271 Super Bowl Records 
 2216-2271 Career Records 
 2216-2271 Season Records 

2161-2215 Super Bowl Records 
 2161-2215 Career Records 
 2161-2215 Season Records 

 2124-2160 Super Bowl Records 
 2124-2160 Career Records 
 2124-2160 Season Records 

 2062-2123 Super Bowl Records 
 2062-2123 Career Records 
 2062-2123 Season Records 

 2001-2061 Super Bowl Records 
 2001-2061 Career Records 
 2001-2061 Season Records 

Tip For Gathering Career Data For Players Who's Career Spanned Eras:
To get the full statistical history of a player that played during two eras simply look up their career numbers in the final season they played and add them to their career numbers that are posted in the final season of the previous era (2061, 2123, or 2160).

Check Out Our Archive From Early USAFL
These stat files on display here chronicle the deep history of this beloved league.

Wheaties® Official 
Hall of Champions

Wheaties sponsored our Super Bowl archive. Check out the roster files of the USAFL Super Bowl Champion of every USA Football League season.

Record Books from the early league (1997-2023)
Season Records 
Career Records
Super Bowl Records 

Season Awards from the
early league (1997-2023)
Rookie of the Year

Record Books from the second version
of the USAFL (1999-2005)
Super Bowl, Season, 
Career Records
all in one page
(big page load time)

Season Awards from the second version
 of the USAFL (1999-2005)
Rookie of the Year

League Roster file 
from the first season
 the USAFL was online,
Season 2004
Andrew Lewis/TB,
Jim Maurer/DEN,
Garritt Grandberg/OAK
Tim Arkwright/ATL, 
Mike Manuel/WAS


Flip Sides has done everyone a monstrous favor by laying the groundwork for our future multi-era statistics database. Sides has been gathering data on every player that recorded a stat and compiled them into positional Excel files. His work has taken countless hours to produce and better yet, it will provide each of us countless hours of enjoyment pouring over the stats, sorting the players by every stat category imaginable. Like, do you know what QB holds the record for the most games started with only one win to show for it?

Sides has published his first position Excel file, the Quarterback. Believe me, you are going to spend hours going through this. I found some incredible stats that we never even heard about.







Sides promises to publish future files as time permits. Be sure to thank him the next time you see him!

Did you find the QB that holds the record for most games played with only one recorded win?

Tennessee Titan QB Steve Patton, from 2057 thru 2059 started 42 games, winning only one.

NOTE: these stats are compiled based on performance with each franchise. So note that some franchises like the current Redskins have actually been in four or more cities, using different nicknames. The first sheet in the file shows you which franchises have been multiple teams.

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