Make way for the young pups

Reshaping of Panthers roster has begun
By "Aki Kurikawa"

Off-Season 2334 (Charlotte) - After the big dogs refused to eat, as their GM put it, the Carolina Panthers decided to make wau for the young pups.

Of course, there are still veterans here and there, but many veterans of recent years have been traded for future picks.

The young pups are led by LB Chet Morris, a defender who caught the eye of his new boss while playing at Notre Dame. Many pundits probably theorized that there would be a lineman at #6, but the best ones worthy of top ten were gone in the war room's opinion.

The Panthers picked up linemen on both side with their next two picks, so there were additions there, in addition to a backup QB, a RB, another LB, and a young kicker. A lot of rookie free agents are expected to be invited to camp next week.

All in all, the reshaping of the roster has begun. Will the fans who expect a winner every year be patient? We shall see.