Panthers Personnel Pretty Pathetic

Carolina had one of their worst seasons in team history
By "Aki Kurikawa"

Off-Season 2336 (Charlotte) - The Carolina Panthers had a season for the ages, but not in a good way.

Their defense gave up the most points in franchise history. The 154 points on offense were the third worst in franchise history. This was only the third time the team has gone 0-14 in their history (2146 and 2324 were the other times).

While they secured the first overall pick for one of the few times in their history, their fans, who have seen this team in the playoffs quite often during the years, are not used to this.

On the positive side, there is a lot of youth on the team with a lot of upside, with the promise of some more coming in the draft. Not to mention, there is nowhere to go but up.

Longtime Panthers fans are positive though, as they have seen rebuilds before over the years.

'We won't be like the Clippers and take several years,' one guy in a David Whitefield jersey said.

The Panthers faithful hope he is right.