Buffalo Backpedals From Botched Coordinator Decision

Bills fire their Offensive Coordinator after 1 year
By "Larry Felser XX"

Off-Season 2342 (Orchard Park, NY) - The Buffalo Bills today announced they have fired Offensive Coordinator Johnny Spread after only 1 year. Spread was supposed to take advantage of the Bills deep wide receiver corps and the traits of QB Alex Palmer. The results fell way short of expectations. 'We made significant moves last year to shore up deficiencies on the defensive side of the ball. Used a lot of assets that we can't necessarily get back' said GM Mark Ricotta. A rumored trade for WAS receiver Curtis Clark never materialized and maybe that would have helped.

After falling short of the Sundby again, Ricotta decided a change was necessary. In comes new OC Billy Kid Gun. 'Our window is closing and we need to take advantage. Billy K is just what we need.' Can the Bills come out on top of a grueling division? Only time will tell.