Bengals make playoffs for the first time in three seasons

Unfortunately they ran into the Viking juggernaut
By "Porsche Lynn Commode"

Playoffs 2342 (Cincinnati) - The Cincinnati Bengals topped off a successful season by making the reduced USAFL playoffs for the first time in three seasons. But alas, they got knocked out by the steamrolling Minnesota Vikings by a 35-10 drubbing.

Even though they had the same 9-5 record as last year (not the one by Dolly Parton in the ancient days of vinyl), while they were left out of the big dance last season, they got in this time around.

Bengals GM 'Trader' Lee Remley, the ancient mariner himself, praised his team's effort nonetheless.

'Everyone has a tougher hill to climb to even get to the postseason now,' Remley said in his annual end of season presser. 'So if you make the four team field, you had a great year.'

Cincinnati will try once again as the 2342 season is soon upon us. Between a couple of draft picks and a few waiver wire pickups, this team looks much the same as the last one.

'We feel we can take another step forward,' Remley explained as to the lack of many changes.

Only time will tell.