Introducing the new look Cincinnati Bengals

The 2347 team taking the field will look much different
By "Porsche Lynn Commode"

Off-Season 2347 (Cincinnati) - A new QB. A new RB. A new WR. A rebuilt offensive line. A couple DBs.

Bengals GM 'Trader' Lee Remley definitely lived up to his nickname this offseason as he totally transformed the young team, adding key veterans to supplement a talented young roster.

Veteran Bobby Spencer was brought in under center. Wendell Adams will now haul the rock. Ken Sharpe will battle for the #1 WR spot. A solid offensive line was assembled to protect the new QB.

Hard hitting DBs Jon Kilby and Andrew Griffin was brought in to supplement the back end of a young defense.

Cincinnati fans were delighted as season ticket sales skyrocketed after some lean years during the rebuild.

Will the changes pay off? Only time will tell.