From #OneMoreThanSteve to #OneMoreThanAndrew

Bengals GM passed two legends of the game in Sundby wins
By "Porsche Lynn Commde"

Off-Season 2353 (Cincinnati) - Last year Bengals theme was #OneMoreThanSteve.

This year it was #OneMoreThanAndrew.

Next season will it be #CatchUpWithAddam?

The Cincinnati Bengals won their second straight Sundby Cup with a 37-7 victory over the Atlanta Falcons to cap off a fairly dominant season as far as Cincinnati seasons go.

Leading the way was bowling ball halfback Jason Watson with 212 yards on the ground, supplemented by the passing of Tom Warren completing two out of every three passes for 225 yards.

But the defense might have been the star as a whole, holding Atlanta to 55 yards on the ground, 177 in the air and the aforementioned seven points.

After the game, the players were already talking about next season, but their GM was reflective of the past couple of seasons.

'We feel fortunate to win two in a row in this tough league,' GM 'Trader' Lee Remley said, living up to that name while putting this squad together. 'All the preparation make these results worth it. I personally feel fortunate right now to have been successful enough to pass two legends of the game in Sundby wins.'

What about next season?

'We have a lot to prepare for to stay on top,' he replied.

Bengals fans are glad to hear that.