Bengals win third Sundby Cup in a row
By "Porsche Lynn Commode"

Off-Season 2354 (Cincinnati) - The Cincinnati Bengals won their third Sundby Cup in a row by defeating the Buffalo Bills 28-14.

This is the first time in franchise history that the Bengals have won three of the coveted trophies in a row, making this a historic feat as far as this team is concerned.

Cincinnati head honcho 'Trader' Lee Remley was reflective on the victory.

'This is a big deal here in Cincinnati,' Remley said. 'All the preparation, all the wheeling dealing, all the training camps, the efforts of some great players, all led to this.'

QB Tom Warren and HB Jason Watson, along with a great defense, again led the team to the victory.

'We found out that Tom's mother's maiden name is Brady,' Remley told the media after the victory. 'So football dynasties are in his blood.'

Bengals fans are hoping that the team can keep it going.

Only time will tell if they can accomplish that.