Les Mustafaa Gets Rewarded

FP tag placed on young DE
By "Shawn Cortez"

Off-Season 2110 (Cincinnati, OH) - Yesterday afternoon GM James Barr of the Bengals placed the franchise tag on young DL Les Mustafaa.

Les Mustafaa will earn $8 mil for the rest of his career as a Bengal. GM Barr had the following comments.

'We haven't been using this tag very often. We don't feel like it is something that you should just be throwing out there whenever you think you have a talented guy. We feel that Les has done everything that we have asked of him. In his second full season racked up 13 sacks. I don't know what else you could ask from a young guy in his position. We knew we had something special when we drafted him, so when he expressed the want to play the rest of his career here, we jumped at the opportunity.'

Les Mustafaa is one of the many up and coming defensive stars from a stocked 2107 draft.

'We feel that he has a shot to be the best player taken from that draft. That is saying an awful lot when you go back and look at some of the talent that was drafted that year.'