Washington Digging deep

Looking to revive glory past
By "Phil vesper"

Off-Season 2175 (Washington D.C.) -  With the departure of longtime GM Barr. Washington Redskin owner Jay Cooke (J K Cooke's great grandson) decided that bhe needed to look back in time for the new GM of the team. Going to New Start Technologies they were able to revive longtime customer and former GM Mike Manuel from Long term cryostasis. Mr Manuel had been one of the pioneers in cryostasis many decades ago and had asked for revival when needed for his beloved Redskins.

Mr. Cooke said the time was right to do this and we are so pleased to announce that Mr Manuel will be taking over as GM of the team. Not wasting time Mr. Manuel set about changing things at the team HQ. New staff was brought in as well as a change in policy for public appearances for the the team.

Talking with Mr. Manuel he stated ' I want our team accessible to the public. We are Washington D.C.'s team and we want the public proud to say that.' Mr. Manuel plans to have several public events in the near future to get the team out and meeting it's fans. He also stated that one lucky fan and his family will be selected for a lifetime suite at the Redskins home games.