Castoffs Start In Philly

Ex 49er/Raven Get New Life In Philadelphia
By "Diggs Murphy"

Pre-Season 2292 (Philadelphia, PA) - The Philadelphia Eagles have had a near record turnover in player personnel this off-season. 16 veteran players were either waived or took their retirement bonuses. The Birds brought in 14 rookies to fill out the roster vacancies but also signed three heart-broken veterans off the waiver wire.

Former Ravens Tight-End Joey Gant has over four seasons of USAFL experience but he never saw the field, including special teams. 'It was a lonely job,' recalls Gant, 'I mean, we had two really great Ends there in Baltimore so it was going to be awhile before I got any action, so I asked for my release.'

The Eagles were impressed with his work ethic and how he responded in summer camp, as they made him the starting Tight-End for this season's offense.

Ex-49ers Wide Receiver John White's story is a little different as he produced 1,130 yards with 74 receptions and 10 TDs last season as their starting WR in their K-Gun offense. '(GM Dan) Kimball wanted to go young with the receivers this year,' said White as he got off the plane at Philadelphia International, 'and when I saw they used two picks on wide receivers at this year's draft I knew my days were numbered in San Francisco. Kimball was nice as he gave me an early release so I could get picked up.'

White put on quite a show at the Bird's training camp with his precise route running abilities and his ability to snag balls in a crowd. White earned the starting WR job as the team heads into their season opener at the New York Giants.