Morton Missing, McNally Manages Miami

By "Meylin Rodriquez"

Regular Season 2299 (Miami Florida) - The issue came to hand to this reporter when the Miami Dolphins did not submit their official roster to USAFL league headquarters. Also, for the first time since the Florida Keys were only approachable by railroad, the Dolphins attended the live draft. For the roster and the draft, it was McNally doing the work. And very unorthodox for Miami, they actually had a trade and a lot of free agency movement. It is not known who was behind the scenes on doing that, but leaks from the Dolphin organization are pointing again to McNally.

So, where is Morton? I did some investigative work and came across some webcam footage from Hollywood Beach FL. A person who looked like Morton was seen on the beach sipping rum and cokes. Then he was observed walking from the beach into Margaritaville Resort. I asked the front desk if Morton was checked in. They are legally not allowed to say, but did say a Mike Morton did sign up for the flowrider. For the safety of the readers, I will not be uploading the link to that 'experience'.

When we asked McNally about it, he stayed close to the cuff. He did mention that it was a gaff about not hitting the send button on the fax machine for the roster submit and he was in attendance at the draft (and noted how the other GMs made fun of Morton (duly noted!!!! LOL)). He also opened up a little after a few drinks were bought and stated that Morton told him he will be at Miami long term, because of the beaches and the weather, McNally would never go back to a cold city like Philadelphia.

Time will tell if McNally stays in Miami or moves back somewhere cold.