Chiefs Poised to Make Run at Denver

Key Acquisitions Fuel Renewed Optimism
By "Clem Dawson"

Pre-Season 2305 (Kansas City, MO) - The Chiefs added 7 starters to a team that went 10-4 last season, but got throttled in the AFC Championship game. 'I don't think we were as bad as that game looked', said GM Harrison. 'However, we lost our poise in the 2nd quarter and I am hoping the veterans I brought in will help resolve that.'

The Chiefs offensive line led all teams last season only allowing 28 sacks and still added a veteran All-Star to that squad. WR Bobby Feasel, big brother to the Niners rookie QB, looks to give QB Donaldson another great target.

But the defense, that gave up those 66 points, has five new starters. Turner and Perkins should give more punch up front, a serious upgrade to the defensive front four. LB's Walker (MIN) and Hilliard (CAR) immediately improve the speed from sideline to sideline. DB Croswell, also coming over in the package swap with Baltimore, gets added to a crew that led the league in interceptions last year.

'This is the most talented deep team I have ever coached,' commented Coach Mike Hayes. 'I have been given the keys to a McLaren. The only acceptable finish is a Sundby Cup Championship'