Veteran Chiefs QB Bales Released

Hoping to Start Elsewhere
By "Clem Dawson"

Pre-Season 2313 (Kansas City, MO) - The Chiefs have released veteran QB Alex Bales. He is currently in his 11th season, having only started one season (2310) for the Chiefs, throwing for a respectable 2600 yards, 18 TDs and 7 INTs.

'We probably should have given him more of a chance but there was a lot of pressure to get Stewart in the lineup,' Said GM Harrison. It looked like Bales would be a career backup, but after Stewarts' mediocre 2309 season, Bales was handed the reigns for the 2310 season. 'There's still some life in his arm and he's fairly mobile, we wish him the best and hope he lands a starting gig somewhere.'