Sundby Cup Shuffle

Bears enjoy Sundby Cup Championship
By "Dick Best"

Playoffs 2315 (Chicago) - On the Frozen Tundra of Miami Pro Player Stadium, the Chicago Bears were victorious for the first time for GM Mike McNally. The temperature was 85 degrees above zero, McNally’s Bears and the Denver Broncos battled each other and the elements in a cruel right of manhood that would decide the championship of the USAFL. Had the Bears won this game easily as it first appeared they would, they would have been remembered as the team of the decade, but by winning the way the eventually did, they became a team for the ages, because the character of their performance surpassed the achievement itself. Walter Markham, Al Hughes and the rest of the defense stood like barbarians at the gates of Rome like the “Gladiators of the Gridiron”. The battering ram of the Bears was its defense, a unit that consisted of more spit than polish, more grit than glitter. Markham played with a chip on his shoulder after being left off of three ballots for rookie of the year and finishing in second place. His 4 sacks and 8 tackles led the way for the Bears. NYG castoff Bo Brooks chipped in with 100 yards rushing in a dominant performance. Denver was hampered by FurryCon 2021 in downtown Miami. Star tackle Brian Golden was unable to get his Bear costume off in time for the first half of the game, and although he played in the second half, his bear mitts were ineffectual in holding off the hard charging Bear defense. NYG GM Addam Brown reveled in the Bears victory stating “I poured all of my GM knowledge into Mike McNally knowing that his mentor Mike Morton was incompetent in transferring the requisite knowledge needed to be a successful GM. My main goal since my team is in a rebuilding mode, was to see Lou Lombardo lose year after year to my prodigy. Successful at that, I was even more pleasantly surprised when Mr. McNally won the whole thing. I feel I own a piece of that championship”. The Bears will largely be intact next year, and with two straight Sundby Cup appearances, they appeared poised to be the dynasty of the decade. The “Sundby Cup Shuffle” continues in Chicago and the fans are planning the ticker tape parade for next week.