FP Alliteration Abounds for Buffalo Bills Blanton

Here we go again...
By "Allen Wilson V"

Pre-Season 2316 (Orchard Park, NY) - The Buffalo Bills announced they have signed their 3rd FP3 contract along the Defensive Line. DT Darryl Blanton agreed to his FP3 contract shortly after GM Mark Ricotta reviewed the team's training camp reports. Contrary to external reports, the tag was placed based on skills and not on Blanton having a surname that starts with the letter B. 'Bno, Bman. Bthey Bsigned Bme Bbecause Bof Bmy Bplay Bon Bthe Bfield. Bthis Balliteration Bcrap Bis Bjust Brumor. Bthere's Bno Btruth Bto Bit' a blustery Blanton bellowed before being befuddled by the next big question. 'What will you do with your new money?' asked a reporter from the back of the room. 'Bling' boasted Blanton.