Return of the Mack

Charlotte native claimed as college free agent by hometown team
By "Aki Kurikawa"

Off-Season 2317 (Charlotte) - Just because he played for South Meck High School and started for the Charlotte 49ers in college, did James Mack ever dream of playing here in the pros?

'Heck yeah.'

Did he ever think it would really happen?

'Heck no.'

But that is exactly what happened when the Carolina Panthers signed him as a college free agent, making him the backup QB.

At South Meck, Mack was the most impressive city QB since the old 2D films of Chris Leak. So much so that the local college kept him in town and he starred for them. But they play in a smaller conference, so come draft time the USAFL didn't come calling. Enter Panthers GM Remley.

'I remembered him from high school,' Remley said. 'Then we got some film and I said hmmm. '

The rest as they say is history.

Mack is considered raw but a long line of Panthers great QBs were in the beginning too.

'They said the same thing about me,' starting QB Mark Walls said.