Give Them The Bird

GM Remley had alternative headline to PageOne
By "Aki Kurikawa"

Off-Season 2319 (Charlotte) - If GM 'Trader' Lee Remley had his way, the PageOne headline would have said 'Give Them The Bird' and some reports say he might have done just that to his own locker room.

He pretty much told his team that suggested headline while holding up a hologram of the PageOne headline in a tirade that the greater Miami area, South Beach, and listening posts in Cuba and the entire Caribbean theater heard as it happened.

'I'm tired of losing to the (censored) Ravens!' was the gist of it. He further referred to Sundby Cups as a whole in franchise history where they are a ridiculous 11-16.

The Panthers team trudged out of the stadium like a pack of whipped pups, which in a way they were after Coach Scott Dorn stood back and let his boss go at them.

'Puts hair on their chest,' Dorn said simply. 'They're kids. Sometimes you have to yell at them.'

Bull Durham psychology aside, since then the team has jumped into the trade market with both of the GM's size 14 feet. Ironically, some of the players they acquired were actually from those Ravens they just played. Whether it helps or not is for the future to tell with this relatively young yet team. Sometimes you scare players in other ways too as no one feels complacent after the trades and roster cuts.

Carolina Panthers fans hope this helps their team get over the hump and beat those bleeping Ravens finally.