End of an era

HB Jay White retires as one of Carolina's all-time greats
By "Aki Kurakawa"

Off-Season 2320 (Charlotte) - Even the usually calm coach Scoot Dorn had tears in his eyes as his HB called it a career.

HB Jay White will retire after the playoffs after 14 incredible seasons as the guy hauling the rock for the Panthers.

White is fifth all time in the USAFL in rushing yards. Third all-time in most TDs. This is in a league with a lot of history. Needless to say, he owns the Panthers team records in rushing yards, TDs, and all-purpose yards.

'I'd like to thanks the Panthers organization for always having a lot of talent around me,' White said with his characteristic modesty. 'They helped me maximize my abilities. You can't do it alone in this league.'

Panthers GM 'Trader' Lee Remley was candid in his praise.

'From day one when we took Jay second overall, we knew we had something special,' Remley said. 'We put him in the starting lineup right away and he never left. This team has had a lot of great running backs. James White. Darryl Dixon. Mike Cummings. Jay ended up better than all of them. Enough said.'

Enjoy retirement, Jay. You will be missed.