Cheesy OL additions help complete team's offseason moves

Three linemen from Green Bay hope to stop pass rush, help running game
By "Aki Kurikawa"

Off-Season 2326 (Charlotte) - The Carolina Panthers hope some northern imports will help their offense improve this upcoming season.

Young offensive linemen got some trial by fire last season, giving up 60 sacks last season and a crazy 108 the season before, as well as a running game held under 4 yards a rush both seasons for the first time in years.

So this season the team brought in some veterans to fill holes and lend some leadership.

Center Joe Grimes, guard David Miles, and tackle Cal Radford were added in the offseason to do just that and improve those fortunes until the youngsters are ready to return to prime time.

'Just like the defensive line, we decided to improve on the other side of the ball as well,' GM 'Trader' Lee Remley said. 'We are going to give ourselves every chance to compete this season.'

With other teams making moves fast and furious as well, we will see where these moves take the Panthers. But they are primed to be in the middle of things at any rate after being on the outside looking in for four seasons.

'Our fans deserve to see some winning football again,' Remley flatly stated.

Whether that happens remains to be seen.