USAFL Schemes / Plans, Plays, Profiles 

"I will not rest nor recommend we set sail until I feel absolutely confident that any team, with the right combination of personnel can win with any of the 6 offensive or 3 defensive plans on any given Sunday."
- Todd Ricotta, USAFL PPP Co-commissioner 


The USAFL prides itself in creating the most realistic football simulation on the net. With the fine contribution from the fathers of the VPNFL System for FBPRO, and a little elbow grease, the USAFL has established a menu of game plans that each GM has at their disposal to make a run at the Sundby Cup. The development and implementation of the USAFL Schemes was pursued with the following goals in mind:

1. MINIMUM VARIABILITY of effectiveness between schemes

2. IMPROVED OFFENSE, to include:

   a. higher rushing averages (recent USAFL average is 2.5 yards per carry, goal of 3.5 established)

   b. improved passing game, to include:
      * increased completion percentages (recent USAFL average is 50%, goal of 55% established)
      * improved yards per game (recent USAFL average is 215, goal of 250 established)

3. REALISTIC STATISTICAL OUTCOMES, both on the whole, as well as from scheme to scheme (i.e. a west coast offense with higher completion percentage but lower yards per attempt, a power running game that has higher yards per rushing attempt but a more limited passing game, or a 3-4 defense that although is not fancy, gets the job done with sound defensive strategy and tendencies)


Offense. The USAFL Offensive Play Set is comprised of 6 offensive schemes and a realistic combination of 3 tendencies:
Heavy Run Oriented
I-Form Run Oriented
Pro Set Balanced
K-Gun Passing Oriented
Spread Passing Oriented
West Coast Balanced

Defense. The USAFL Defensive Play Set is comprised of 3 defensive schemes:

Special Teams. The USAFL Special Teams Play Set utilizes the following players on a team's depth chart:
Punt Returner WR4
Kick Returner WR4 (primary), HB2 (secondary)

Testing. Over a year's worth of designing and testing went into the USA Football League Schemes. Check out the immense undertaking by examining all the raw data and over test results. This is very valuable to review, as you can see exactly how many touches a HB2 will get in the I Formation scheme. This is where all the nitty-gritty details are.

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