Depth Charts

The off-season is now officially over. Training Camps results are in and you know exactly who is on your 53 man roster for the season. Now is the most important job of the GM. The Depth Chart.

Who gets the starting job? Who will be Wide Receiver #4 and run back the kicks and punts? Are you going to put your star defensive lineman at DE1 or DE2, or maybe even move him inside at DT1 and let him stuff the run?

Your playoff hopes could rest on these decisions! Talk about stress. Ah, but remember, you have what it takes to be a GM of a professional football team. Stress is just part of the job.

GMs are allowed to change the positions of certain positional players:
HB or FB
C or G or T
DE or DT
CB or S

Our football simulation requires teams to carry exactly 53 players on the roster, with 46 of those players on the Active roster. Seven players need to be placed on the In-Active roster each season.

The simulation also requires teams to carry 34 players in mandatory positions. This is to ensure the games ability to field a competitive roster for an entire game.
Mandatory positions:
2 QBs, 3 RBs, 5 WRs or TEs, 6 OLs, 1 K, 1 P, 4 DLs, 5 LBs, and 7 DBs

Logon to the TeamManagement area of the website and click on Depth Charts. Sort your rosters at each position and click Save. Then click "Submit Roster" so it can be processed.

UPDATED 2088 (an explanation of how our sim works)
How long do our Starters Play?

Ah, a crucial question for every General Manager. The amount of time a starter will stay on the field is directly correlated to his EN rating (Endurance). The higher his EN, the longer he stays on the field. The game uses a formula called the Energy Rating (ER) to determine a player's energy after each play concludes.

At the start of a game, a player's energy rating (ER) is 100. As a player is involved in the game his ER goes down proportionately. As the ER goes down it affects all his athletic ratings (all ratings except IN & DI).

For a player who has 90 SP, when his ER is down to 90, his effective speed rating for that play is only 90% of that 90, which is 81.

The higher the endurance (EN) rating for the player...
(1) the player's ER will decline at a slower rate as the game progresses, and
(2) the player's ER will recover at a faster rate while on the bench

Another feature in FBPRO is the ability to set the substitution thresholds for each position by half in the coaching profiles. The OUT threshold determines at what ER the player who is in the game needs to reach before he is pulled from the game. The IN threshold sets the ER at which a player who is sitting will come back in to the game to replace the sub.

Important: the OUT rating is ignored if a player higher on the depth chart has his ER reach the IN threshold for that position. In other words, if your OUT is 90%, and your IN is 95% and HB2 is in the game...once HB1 reaches a 95% ER then he will come back in the game, even if HB2 is still above 90% ER.

The lower you set these substitution percentages, the longer your STARTERS will stay in the game, and the sooner they will come back into the game after getting a rest.

Here are the sub patterns I tweaked in order to get the current split in playing time for HB1/HB2, for the various WRs, for OL and DL, etc. The patterns are identical for ALL schemes.

QB OUT= 0 IN=99 OUT= 0 IN=99
RB OUT=90 IN=95 OUT=87 IN=92
WR/TE OUT=90 IN=95 OUT=87 IN=92
OL OUT=90 IN=95 OUT=87 IN=92
K/P OUT= 0 IN=99 OUT= 0 IN=99
DL OUT=90 IN=95 OUT=87 IN=92
LB OUT=90 IN=95 OUT=87 IN=92
DB OUT=90 IN=95 OUT=87 IN=92

Now sit back in your luxury box suite and see how your team produces. But don't be discouraged if your team doesn't burn up the scoreboard. Eight days from now the simulation begins a new season. And you get another chance to retool your roster into a championship contender.

What happens to teams that missed the Depth Chart deadline?
Because our Sim Commissioner sims the entire season in one sitting (then publishes based on the sim calendar), GMs will not be able to submit their depth chart for the current season once the deadline has passed. This is a hard rule, even in case of emergencies. The League will NOT sort the roster for the GM.
BUT - we do allow those same GMs to contact the league office in order to submit a depth chart for the end of the season. That way the GM will have some control over his players that are deciding about retirement. It is the GM's responsibility to contact the league office if they want the option of submitting a depth chart for the end of the season.