An Insider's Look At The USA Football League

The mediocre teams have GMs that casually go about their day watching their team go through the motions. But championship teams have GMs that can tell you what defense had the greatest winning percentage the last ten seasons.

What kind of GM are you?

Page2 is for hard-core GMs ..... real USAFL GMs.

Mark Thul has written up a summary of key strategies he uses to build his roster.




Get to know your fellow GMs with our new Interview Series. What makes our GMs tick? What FBPro strategies are revealed? What quirky facts are brought to light? Find out inside!!

Mark Thul has compiled the top 20 players in the USAFL modern era in 10 key statistical categories.



How has your team done in the modern history of the USAFL? Click this link to see all-time win-loss-tie records for each of our franchises.

Mark Thul finds out which franchises have excelled in the last twenty seasons.



Mark Thul takes a look back at the last 50 seasons and learns what schemes dominated the USAFL's post-season.



Patriots AGM Mark Thul takes a look
at drafting in the USAFL's new century.


What does Area 51, Roswell, alien abductions, and crop circles have to do with the 2104 Rookie Class? If you thought "The Bortz" was weird, this article will send chills down your spine.

The game last sixty minutes. A well prepared team will focus their attention on each and every one of the 3,600 seconds that will transpire during a regulation game.


It only took one PageOne SI cover to make all of us GMs look silly. Turns out we had no idea when players begin considering retiring. The long-held norm was found out to be false. The real story is just one click away.

The USAFL became the first FBPRO league to hit the physical limitations of the game's design. Now for the first time, read the inside story of how Lorne Sundby uncovered the secret of the game's player database.


Every three weeks this question comes across your desk. Sometimes your response is "yes," and sometimes it's "no." How did the last 20 Champions handle this ancient question?

You're It. The one they've been waiting for. Everything is yours. Will you live up to the hype? Or will you become another bar-room trivia answer?


Ever wondered how your favorite team came up with their nickname? Well now you can learn the origins of all 32 NFL teams.

For years they were a mysterious unknown. Now the exclusive USAFL Schemes have been made public. Well, as a photo gallery.


Andrew Lewis exposes the real numbers behind determining a QB's ratings. Ever wonder why 158.33 is the perfect score for QBs? Read this and you will have the facts straight.

Free Agency

Todd Ricotta reveals his
research into the past 32 seasons of the current Free Agency system.


Todd Ricotta examines the fifty years of the USAFL's exclusive Plans, Plays, and Profiles.

Patrick Sicher reveals the teams and players that are chasing statistical goals that should be remembered for decades to come.