Number One Overall Draft Picks
Of The Modern Era (2001-present)

Source: USA Football League Statistics Archive

OFFENSE: 51 players
QB 6   RB 9   WR 1   TE 0   OL 35
DEFENSE: 88 players
DL 52   LB 31   DB 5    K/P 0



2139 GB OL Phil Pridemore
2138 MIA OL Jay Wells
2137 NE LB Keith Mack
2136 GB OL Brian Alexander
2135 WAS DL John Coleman
2134 BAL DL Glenn Flynn
2133 NYG OL Clint Jones
2132 NYG LB Mike Ervins
2131 HOU DL Jason George
2130 KC LB Kyle Haines
2129 NE OL Leo Griffith
2128 GB OL Lester Simons
2127 KC DL Jessie Jensen
2126 BAL LB Alvin Glenn
2125 DAL DL Dalton Diaz
2124 OAK QB Joe Carr
2123 WAS DL Alan Kincannon
2122 WAS OL Grant Elliott
2121 NE QB Jeff Rollins
2120 NE LB Alex Smith
2119 MIN DL Brett Smalls
2118 MIN DL Mark Smith
2117 PIT DL Doug Spencer
2116 NE OL Bryan Simpson
2115 MIA LB Tim Taylor
2114 MIA LB Reggie Davidson
2113 WAS LB Tracy Minister
2112 PIT OL Dick Sweeney
2111 CIN DL Willie Trull
2110 DAL DL Bryan Snow
2109 HOU RB Merv Romine
2108 DAL LB Tony Jacoby
2107 DAL DL Garth Millard
2106 OAK OL Anthony Swires
2105 DET OL Cooper Highsmith
2104 CHI DL Edward Rogers
2103 HOU OL Randall Clark
2102 CHI DT Richmond Vincent
2101 KC DT Tom Doleman
2100 CHI DE Kevin Arnold
2099 MIN C Stan Bennett
2098 MIN T Hassan Ingram
2097 BAL DT Sawyer James
2096 NE HB Dan Cobb
2095 BAL DT Ernest Turner
2094 CIN DT Dale Sappington
2093 DAL C Brock Rucker
2092 MIA LB Chris Taylor
2091 HOU LB Hiram Conover
2090 CIN LB Jay Dexter
2089 HOU S Benny Friar
2088 HOU RB Evan Green
2087 MIN DE Fred Zumstein
2086 BAL DT Manny Kessler
2085 BAL RB Calvin Jobson
2084 BAL T Mike Gammon
2083 TB LB Brent Altenhoff
2082 TB QB Mike Rosenbach
2081 DAL DE Kevin McGuire
2080 MIN LB Teddie Ball
2079 CLE LB Baxter Nickerson
2078 MIN LB Alan Simpkins
2077 WAS DE Bennie Cook
2076 WAS LB Sanford Flaming
2075 PIT C Peter Maddox
2074 GB LB Tracy McJulien
2073 WAS C Albert Tofflemire
2072 MIN HB Robert Giles
2071 NYG DE Timm Reeser
2070 GB DT Clifford Smith
2069 HOU G Evan Gunn
2068 PHI DT Theo Grimes
2067 WAS C Kurt Allen
2066 BAL T David Toner
2065 BAL DE Tracy Bonhomme
2064 BAL LB Joel Smith
2063 HOU T David Moran
2062 CLE C Darion Carter
2061 CLE DE Cris Bischoff
2060 WAS LB Eddie Fields
2059 TEN DT Garfield Ezelle
2058 TEN C Dexter Parrish
2057 PHI HB Leon Vail
2056 TEN DE Emile Weidner
2055 DEN DE Scotty Sprague
2054 DEN DT Bubba Caldwell
2053 DEN FB Ford Brown
2052 DEN T Alex Swayne
2051 DAL C Elton Smith
2050 DEN DE Emmitt Pearce
2049 MIN DE Rodney Carver *
2048 PIT DE Albert Lucas
2047 PHI HB Kirk Ceciliani
2046 PHI QB Art Tang
2045 BUF QB David Kozlowski
2044 NYG T Herman Benjamin
2043 BUF T Kevin McElroy
2042 DET DE Carl Kim
2041 OAK T Deems Van Houten
2040 DAL LB Dennis Woodson
2039 NYG LB Al Green
2038 GB DT James Tamm
2037 DET DE Tony Ambrose
2036 TEN LB Tim Cassell
2035 BAL LB Irving Aguiar
2034 PIT C Alton Lee
2033 GB HB Steve Schock
2032 GB T Tom Lockhart
2031 PIT WR Fred Whiteaker
2030 PIT G George Brown
2029 HOU LB Tyson Owens
2028 HOU G David Williams
2027 SF QB Floyd Welborne
2026 MIN T Ernie Spindler
2025 GB DT Felix Ritcher
2024 CLE LB Samuel Humphries
2023 DET DE David Barcia
2022 WAS LB Dough Arthur
2021 MIN DL Keith Buckley
2020 CLE DT Milt Carney
2019 PIT LB Gary Giant
2018 SF T Andre Links
2017 DEN DL Matt Dodds
2016 OAK DL Tomaso Crafts
2015 CLE S Steve Somics
2014 NYJ DE Houston Justis
2013 DET S Birch Everts
2012 BUF DT Clarke Wilson
2011 SD LB Al Minister
2010 DEN DE Ricardo Collins
2009 GB DE Kevin Green
2008 KC DE Darren Zordich *
2007 SF S Owen Jordan
2006 SD DE Tony Null
2005 KC DE Sergio Harmony *
2004 MIA LB Mike Jackson
2003 OAK DT Tim Gambino
2002 NYG LB Bobby Larry
2001 MIN CB Ricky Jamison *

* = team at #1 overall passed (time expired or GM was a no show)

based on franchise IDs



franchise ID

13 6
13 16
13 17
12 8
12 10
9 2
9 13
8 5
8 15
7 7
6 3
5 4
5 12
5 14
5 18
4 1
3 11
2 9

There is perhaps no greater pedestal a player can sit upon. Some would say the "Bing Bennett Most Valuable Player" award is the highest mark a player can achieve. I would say that's partly true, but if you consider how much attention and focus is directed at the one player who is being called the best college player entering the league each season, and all the hope, curiosity, and awe that comes with the card that has your name on it ... there is nothing like having your name called at 8pm on College Draft Night.

Just about every fan, player, coach, and GM in the league is looking at you and wondering, is this the kid that is going to rewrite the history books? Is this the kid that is going to change the face of the league forever? 

Of course it isn't fair to heap such lofty goals onto one player ... but because it has happened before, football fans wanna see it happen again. Each generation wants so badly to be able to claim that the superstar that played during their time was truly the best player to ever play the game.

But, the chatter isn't always about the best player. Many times the debate is about which player was the biggest bust in the history of the league. There is no greater height to fall from than the #1 overall draft selection. Your team introduces you to the media and the fans as the player that will turn the team around and win multiple championships before your career is over.

It's a wonder the players don't beg to be taken 2nd overall. Hardly anyone remembers who was taken second.

Here's a list of all the players taken #1 overall during the modern era of the USA Football League. Some of them were really good players .... some were average contributors to their respective teams .... some gave their GMs migraine headaches .... and a select few, achieved all the expectations that came with the moniker:

#1 overall draft selection.



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